Monday, September 28, 2015

Clay clay clay!

First and second grade students have been learning all about clay. Where it comes from, what things are made from clay, and how we can make things out of clay. We are now working on building some awesome chili bowls that will make an appearance at the Harvest Festival in October!

Kindergarten students have also been learning all about clay. They were very happy to dive right in and get their hands dirty. I challenged them to form their one piece of clay into a ball, then a snake, then a snowman, and lastly (their favorite) a pancake!

Here is one of those poor snowmen squished into a pancake!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Free Lantern-Making Workshop for the River of Light Lantern Parade

On Saturday November 21st, 2015 Smilie Memorial School (2712 Theodore Roosevelt Hwy, Bolton, VT) will be hosting a special one-day lantern-making workshop in preparation for Waterbury’s River of Light Community Lantern Procession which will be taking place on Saturday December 5th in Waterbury VT.

Date: Saturday November 21st 2015
Place: Smilie Memorial School
Time: 10am-3pm to include an hour break for lunch

– Workshop is free to attend
– All tools and materials will be provided. If you have a pair of hand-held
 pruning shears, please bring them along, you’ll find it useful to have a 
pair of your own.
– Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult. This 
activity is not suitable for children under 6.
– There will be a limit of 20 participants.
– Donations will be welcome.
– For more information or to register please contact Gowri Savoor at or visit

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Beautiful Sketchbooks!

The kids were so excited to "shop" for their sketchbook covers today in art. They got to choose from a wide variety of gorgeous papers made by all ages in our school community. What wonderful things we can create when we work together!