Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tie Dye PBIS Celebration!!!

RES kids have been hard at work tie dying all week in art class. Student earned this celebration by respecting themselves, others, and their school environments. 
Every child created either a yellow or purple tie dyed shirt. We began by learning about how tie dye works and then jumped right in to get to work on our own shirts.
Each class learned a different technique to fold, twist, or crumple their tee shirts. Then, they added rubber bands to hold the shirts in formation during the dying process. 
 After preparing their shirts for dye, each child prepared him or herself by putting on a smock and gloves.
 Children took turns using dye bottles to apply two differing shades of their color to the shirts. 
I saw so many students being kind and cooperative, helping peers, waiting patiently, providing support and encouragement to one and other. 
When students were done dyeing, they placed their shirts in the bucket and moved on to some well deserved choice time. 
Tee shirts had to soak in the dye for 12-24 hours and then get rinsed out and washed. I have had so many wonderful parent and teacher volunteers in the art room over the past few days. A BIG thanks to all of you--I truly appreciate the help!! 

You can look forward to seeing these wearable works of art around RES this year!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Still Life Drawings and Time Lapses!

Over the past few weeks, the third and fourth grade classes have been working on still life drawings. After viewing three famous still life works, we brainstormed at circle what a "still life" may be and why artists may choose to draw them...

We began the project by carefully observing the flower arrangements and noticing as many details as possible. Students then sketched the flowers using pencils--making sure to include all those wonderful details.

The following week, students checked their work to see if they had created "balanced compositions." Some children decided to add other details in their works to add visual interest and balance to their work.  Then, they traced their pencil lines with black glue to create a bold, slightly 3D effect. 

 This week, the children began coloring in their works using oil pastels. As a lesson launch we had watched a time lapse video of a professional artist using oil pastels to draw a pear. We observed some techniques she used and then tried them in our own works. Below are a few time lapse videos taken of students working. Enjoy!