Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tea with the Queen

Kindergarten students were lucky enough to have Tea with the "Queen" in art! Our very fancy tea party was the grand finale of our teacup making clay project. Each student was able to actually use their very own handmade teacup!
Kindergarten students began the project by learning all about clay. What it is, where it comes from, and what kinds of things we use each day that are made from clay. Students were also able to play and experiment with the fun 3D media. 
The next week, the children learned the pinch pot technique to make the base of the teacup and rolled a "snake" into a "snail" for a spiral handle. After the teacups were fired in the kiln, the children very carefully glazed their cups using three coats of glaze.

To kick off our tea party, we read the children's book "Tea with the Queen" by Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York. Her majesty, the Queen (Mrs. Gilbar) was able to join us and wear a very fancy paper crown. In Mrs. Mumford's class I was lucky enough to be the Queen for a day! 
While the children sipped their tea they each decorated a fancy plate and drew what foods they would like to be eating at our tea party. There were a lot of cupcakes, but also a few carrots.

It was meaningful for the students to be able to utilize a piece of their art and it was so much fun to have a Kindergarten Tea Party.

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