Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Out of this World Masks!!

Fourth graders have just finished their Outerspace Masks and they look amazing! The students were completely in charge of making artistic decisions involving design, construction, and detail on these masks. Their fourth grade art expertise certainly shows!
Over the last few classes students added two coats of paint to add texture and detail to their celestial mask. Students experimented and determined which paint techniques would best match the desired surface texture. 
Most recently we added finishing touches--which, for many students meant one thing: GLITTER!
As all the sparkly floors leading to the art room can attest, our fourth graders definitely like glitter. 
The masks are on display in the library with the reports the students completed during their Library and Enrichment specials.
Next Wednesday, the children will use these masks on an outdoor "Space Walk" to show relative distance between the planets.
This collaboration was a lot of fun for all, but it has also allowed the children to explore, imagine, and make connections across subjects.
Students did a fabulous job taking some abstract ideas and turning them in to beautiful masks. 
All of the planets were turned into masks as well as several stars, black holes, comets, galaxies, and even a lunar lander.
Please stop by the library in the next week to check out the awesome display!