Monday, January 18, 2016

Five Senses Books in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students are ALMOST done with their five senses books. We have done five differing art projects which focused on each of our five senses. The children have created beautiful covers and are working on placing these works of art into their books. 
For a sight project, we viewed optical illusions and noticed how complementary color influence the way the pictures "trick" our eyes. The children, then, created their own tricky pictures using complementary colors.
For a touch project, students created a collage using various textured papers. We talked about the words texture and collage as art terms.

For hearing, the children listened to three very different songs and then drew with crayons and added a watercolor resist to illustrate the way the song felt.
For smell, the children painted with tea and then added ground cinnamon which they sanded from cinnamon sticks on sandpaper--it was a great fine motor practice and the art room smelled fabulous afterwards.
For our taste project, students learned an origami technique to fold their papers into "peek-a-boo" paper. The children then illustrated their papers with their favorite foods. Each paper had an area for four small pictures and, in the middle, a large space for their very favorite dish.
This project is a lot of fun as it relates directly to the kindergarten curriculum, but it also provides hands on exposure for our kindergarten students to a wide variety of art media. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Square1art Fundraiser!!

Our art fundraiser is currently going on! 

Over the past two days, students were sent home with their personalized art packets--complete with free sticker! Woo-hoo! 

Need a Mother’s Day Gift? Father’s Day? Birthday? Please consider supporting our fundraiser.

Preschoolers created a wide variety of colorful artwork using crayons, markers, and

Kindergarten students created unique and colorful torn paper self-portraits using their excellent fine motor skills and construction paper.

First and second graders created Picasso inspired self-portraits. If you look carefully, each piece of artwork has the student’s actual faced traced in the center!

Third and fourth graders traced their hands and then filled the space with extremely detailed zentangle 
patterns. Most children then chose to add brightly colored watercolor.

Items printed with student artwork can be purchased through Square1art from now until January 25th:
Simply enter your student's specific art access code (in packet) to see personalized art products.

Orders can be placed on the paper order forms or on the Square1art website. You can even "share" your student's artwork with friends and family. The RES Art Program will receive 38% of the total profit.

 All funds raised will be used for some EXTRA special art projects! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Third and fourth grade students have been learning about the ancient Japanese art form: Origami. 
Each class the children are learning two new designs from me. 
Many children who have done origami before are teaching patterns to one and other. 
Children are working together, being kind, and helping out their peers!
We are using a wide variety of papers: traditional origami paper, repurposed magazines and encyclopedias, scrapbooking papers, and even wrapping paper.
Students are discovering new designs for themselves and working hard to follow pictorial and written directions.

Today we made heart shaped bookmarks and fox faces.

Students are fine tuning their precision and fine motor skills.
AND most IMPORTANTLY....having FUN!