Monday, March 7, 2016

Metal Embossing Inspired by the Aztec Sunstone

The first and second graders have recently completed a metal embossing piece. Using the Aztec Sunstone (also know as the Aztec Calendar Stone) as our inspiration, students created elaborately detailed copper embossing pieces. The Aztec Sunstone is a gigantic artifact carved into a very large rock. It has become a symbol for Mexico and even appears on their money. At circle, the students enjoyed looking at the wide range of symbols on the stone and measuring how VERY big it is!

Each child began this project by creating a paper plan of their embossing piece. We used a wide variety of Aztec and Mayan symbols, as well as discussed which symbols we recognize in our culture (i.e. the heart, the peace sign and even the smiley face).

The following class, students adhered their copper to the back of their plan. Then, working on top of a stack of newspapers for cushion, the children traced their plan using pens. As the students traced, the pen lines indented the copper to transfer their design.

Our last step in this process was to frame our work. The children created equally detailed frames to showcase their embossing pieces. 

These works will be on display at the Richmond Free Library during the month of April. Please stop by to admire the hard work of our first and second graders.

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