Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Quilling, mini Matisses and Five Senses Books

This week, third and fourth graders began a quilling project. Quilling is a type of paper art that involves rolling paper strips into differing shapes and combining to create unique combinations. We are being inspired by the season and "Snowflake" Bentley to create these super cool pieces of artwork.

First and second graders are learning about the famous artist Matisse. We are exploring his "drawing with scissors" technique of cutting paper and collaging. Like Matisse, the Kind of color, we are using a wide color palette.
Kindergarten students have been working on their Five Senses Books. They are creating five differing art projects which each focus on a differing sense. Below, the children are sanding cinnamon sticks and painting with tea bags during our "scent" project.

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