Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Art Museum Walk: Pinch Pots

Today, Mrs. Riggs' class and Ms. Purvee's class had the chance to create their own art shows. As table groups, the children worked together cooperatively to arrange their pinch pots into an exhibit. Then, the tables rotated and viewed one and other's work leaving compliments for their peers. Presenting artwork is an important piece of the new National Core Arts Standards, so it was exciting to give the children an opportunity to take charge of the presentation of their works.

We had brainstormed at circle what a museum visit might look like and sound like (relatively quiet, calm bodies, no touching the artwork) and then applied this knowledge to make our "museum" realistic. It was fabulous to see the children so incredibly engaged in looking at and responding to the artwork of their peers. Furthermore, reflecting upon and looking at art is an important part of being an artist!

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