Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Land Art: Planning Stage

This week first and second graders were introduced to a new type of art:
Land Art!

After looking at some artwork by famous Land Artist, Andy Goldsworthy, students determined that Land Art is artwork created outdoors using only natural materials which were found in the environment where the work was created. 

In small groups, the children were challenged to come up with a plan to create their own Land Art. These plans included a sketch, materials list, and steps to create their piece of artwork. Here are two second grade students describing their plan.

Stay tuned in because next week we will head outside to put our plans into action!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fourth Grade Shoe Project at RES

Fourth graders are making a lot of progress on their shoes. They have all created a design and are now in the process of coloring on their two pairs of shoes. One pair will be to keep and wear proudly and the twin pair will be donated to a child in Zambia.